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VMC Equipment is a family-owned and operated company located in Greenwood, South Carolina, USA. We design, manufacture and market hydraulic cutters, mowers and forestry mulchers. Designed to fit and safely operate on most brands of skid loaders, mini skid steer/wheel loaders, compact & mid-size excavators, and boom mowers. Other products include no-till pasture seeding & renovating equipment, VMC Seed-O-Vator, VMC Plot-O-Vator, seed boxes, and custom attachments.

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Contact Us Online or give us a call at (864) 940-9341 to learn more.

“I gotta say if you are looking for a brush cutter for your mini excavator or skid steer give Matt a call with Vmc .The customer service is phenomenal !! Matt made sure that I got the appropriate size brush cutter for my machine and explained to me everything that I needed to know about the Vmc 42L that I purchased.I did my research on the Vmc and two other brands of cutters and I gotta say that I was very impressed with the Vmc.Another great thing about Vmc is they are family owned and operated.”

“Purchased a VMC 42” cutter head for my excavator mainly for a single project. I viewed it as disposable since the property was terribly overgrown and the cost to clear it unrealistic. Not only has the cutter outperformed anything I have used to date. The value is proving to be unsurpassed. This unit has been in service continuously on other even more challenging projects for months and has cut bio growth and trees far exceeding its design with no malfunction- other than cut hose. Surely the thing should be warped, bent or have blown a motor by now, but it keeps on going. Nice to see American made can be a great value and tough as nails! We’ll only buy VMC cutters. This review real, is not solicited, and the manufacturer probably doesn’t even know about it. Just a very impressive unit.”